Darcs and vendor/rails on edge

Calling all rails darcs users! We may be in the minority, but I’m
sure we can still share some know how here.

Question: how are you managing your vendor/rails directory?

svn externals seems to be the preferred option for svn folk (at least
this is the approach recommended in the Agile 2 beta). Is there a way
to get the same functionality within darcs? That would seem to be the
ideal solution.

I’ve tried a few things:

Check vendor/rails into darcs

This makes things very easy, but do you really want all those files
in your repository? Especially since with darcs it’s so easy to
branch, and each branch is the entire repository.

Link vendor/rails to a local svn checkout of rails

svn co http://dev.rubyonrails.org/svn/rails/trunk /somewhere/rails
ln -s /somewhere/rails (run in vendor)
This works and means that at least you only need one copy of edge
rails. However symbolic links are not supported by darcs, and you
will have additional issues when deploying with capistrano (or

Please share your solutions or comments on the above.



Hello Martyn,

2006/8/15, Martyn L. [email protected]:

Question: how are you managing your vendor/rails directory?

I liked what I saw of Darcs. I have not switched, nor do I know if I
will. The way I would have done it is to really have a copy of Rails
in the application. That way, I could do local changes to Rails
(apply patches, etc) that would only impact this application.

I had built myself a script which updated a working copy of Rails, and
checked it in to a Darcs repository. Then I used this repository as
the base for the next repository. I had a hierarchy of Darcs

Rails Edge
Rails + Patches
Application (vendor/rails)

Then, any application I wanted to use could get the vanilla version of
Rails, or a patched one. Plus, I could add local patches too.

Thanks, and have a nice day !

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