D3.js, Rails-5 Machine Learning Stock Market App For Your Laptop

D3-Rails-people,I just finished writing spy611.com which is a
D3.js-Rails-5-web-app with a Python scikit-learn machine learning
back-end.I use D3.js in this page:http://www.spy611.com/aggbtThe above
shows an aggregated backtest visualization of Logistic Regression and
Bayes Algos.It is a simple time-series plot with a slider at bottom to
constrain the date range.All of the D3 code is visible in github and at
this URL: view-source:http://www.spy611.com/aggbtThe site uses Logistic
Regression and Naive Bayes to predict the S & P 500.It looks like
Regression works better than Naive Bayes.Rails 5 is new so I wanted to
wrestle with it a bit.If you study spy611.com you will find instructions
how to deploy it to your laptop.Holler if questions: bikle101 at gmail-

This is really interesting work. Kudos to you!

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