D_itemsize error

Hi Friends,

I am recieving d_itemsize error in random when I use voice reception
voice_rx.py example. I am receiveing following errors:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
wht(): msg length is not a multiple of d_itemsise

Also when I start the application I receive following warning:

gr_buffer::allocate_buffer: warning: tried to allocate
992 items of size 33. Due to alignment requirements
4096 were allocated. If this isn’t OK, consider padding
your structure to a power-of-two bytes.
On this platform, our allocation granularity is 4096 bytes.

What I understant is that, the received message after decoding does not
match the length of the buffer. If I am right, can somebody tell me
can I find the lenght of the decoded message and the length of buffer so
that I would be in a position to work on the problem. And, if I am wrong
somebody enlighten me about the cause of this problem and why is this

When I dig into the code, following catches my eyes:

self.packet_src = gr.message_source(33)

packet_sink = gr.message_sink(33, self.packets_from_encoder, False)

What does this 33 stand for? If I change the value (say it 32 =
power-of-two) it doesnt work ;:wink:

It would be great if somebody can refer me something on the buffer
allocation for gsm_full_rate encoder and decoder.

Thanks in advance.