Customizing Rails::Engine initializers


I’m a rails noob.

Concern: I have 13 initializer files and growing with api tokens,
special cases and all sorts of odds and ends.

Custom solution: Per environment directories under config/initializers
seem simple and awesome. One of these would load after all files in
config/initializers (and stopping there).

Not considered a priori: Case statements are yucky.

Implementation: Load a custom rails engine per environment which DOES
NOT glob into subdirs of config/initializers recursively.

Specific blocking issue: The best way to replace an initializer that’s
already declared and in the chain to be executed with one of similar
functionality and same semantics. I’ve seen some other code that
filters out a specific initializer.

If you are curious or just devious, feel free to pick apart a started
implementation and notes here:

Thanks for reading.

Barry Allard