Customising FCKeditor


I would like to customise my FCKeditor-instance so that when the “add
image” button is pressed, it opens my own add_image popup.

In this popup i would handle the image upload/image browser/etc. tasks
with rails.

How can I open the popup and pass the picture information from there
back to FCKeditor’s textarea?



I have done something similar and used the plugin architecture in
Some documentation is available within the fck download. There is even
example on customising the toolbar and including an icon for a new
I’d suggest you look at the code of existing plugins that come with

The plugin tracker on Sourceforge may also be useful:



Thanks, I got a lot further.

One questions still stands:

How can I reference the fckeditor instance from the pop-up window?
I tried “Example on how to access the editor from a popup window” from
this page:’s_Guide/Customization/Plug-ins but
no success.

In that example the editor is referenced like this :
var FCK = window.opener.FCK;

Is the FCK the name of the FCKeditor-instance?

I have added the editor like the tutorial here shows:

def fckeditor_text_field(object, method, options = {})
text_area(object, method, options ) +
javascript_tag( “var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor(’” + object + “[” +
method + “]’);oFCKeditor.ReplaceTextarea()” )

<%= fckeditor_text_field(“news_item”, “body”) %>