Custom Validation

Hello all,

I’m trying to figure out how to validate a zip code in my user model.
I can validate it’s all nuneric and five digits but I would like to
validate it against a zip code table.

I know I need to create a zipcodes table and assume a zipcodes model.
In the user model, how/where do I call the Zipcode.find ?


Hi Mark,

I’m assuming you want to validate the zipcode when saving (say) an
So in your address model, put something like this:

validates_each :zipcode do |model, attr, value|
model.errors.add(attr, “is not valid”) if Zipcode.find_by_zipcode

Where Zipcode is the name of your zipcode model that contains valid
zipcodes. This assumes that zipcodes in the zipcode table are unique.
don’t think I’ve ever used the word zipcode this many times in a single