Custom JS breaking in IE6,7 - Tips on debugging?

Hi all,

I just got around to testing my application in IE6 and 7 and I
discovered that my custom Javascripts dont work and seem to break the
HTML and CSS in the page too.

Any tips or resources that I can read up to make my JS IE compatible?
Your experiences and thoughts? I coudl post some of my code here if
anyone could help me with it.

Hope to get some pointers… Thanks!

This is the smallest piece of custom JS thats NOT working. Is the
method of DOM reference im using wrong? Im using the this.up and
this.down methods all over my custom JS.

Ruby/Rails code

Filter Tickets

Filter tickets by status.

<%= hidden_field_tag :commit, "Filter"%> <%= select_tag "status", options_from_collection_for_select (Status.find(:all), :id, :status,selected_status(params [:status])), :onchange => "this.up('.filter').submit()" %>

Resulting HTML page source

Filter Tickets

Filter tickets by status.

Open Accepted In Progress Completed All Invalid


I seem to recall that not all JS implementations return Prototype-
extended objects. Try using $(this) instead.

–Matt J.

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