Custom field name for error messages?

I know this may be nit-picky, but I’d like to show a more friendly
field name when displaying error messages.

For example, I’ve got a form field labeled “E-Mail Address” but the
error message looks like this:

  • Email address must be valid

A better example is that I’ve got a field on the User model that is
called “active”. The form field is labeled “Status” that allows the
user to choose active or inactive, but the error message looks like

  • Active must be Active or Inactive

Is there a better way to display errors, or something I can add to the
model, where I can specify a custom value for the field name?

This is what I’m using…

<% @user.errors.each_full do |message| %>

  • <%= message %>
  • <% end %>

    you can add something like this below your field to achieve this

    <%= error_message_on :user, :active, "Status ", ’ ', ’ ’ %>