Cursed curses


For me, the curses extension is quite flawed.

I could not find Curses (nor Readline) documentation neither on
ruby-doc nor in my local ri.

The Curses documentation can be supplemented with curses man pages quite

However, it does not answer the fundamental and ruby-specific
question: what does Ruby do with the characters?

I tried displaying UTF-8 with -KU and -KN, and both produce different

Then I tried to run in luit and transcode the output with iconv to an
8-bit encoding. Yet another flavour of garbage.

For 7bit ASCII it works fine, and the characters that happen to be
same in ISO8859-1 and UTF-8 also seem correct in one of the favours
(haven’t checked thoroughly) but I cannot get all the characters from
ISO8859-2 displayed.

Sample: žščřďťňľáéěíóúůŽŠČŘĎŤŇĽÁÉÍÓÚŮ - these should fit into single
8-bit encoding - ISO8859-2