Current convention to generate a website?


I went through a few tutorials, made rails running on mac, windows,
linux, apache and lighttpd etc.
Now I’d like to start some real project, a web page, with news,
articles and ads sections.

It also needs to have a login, so that only authorized users can add,
edit or delete those items.

Now I noticed that generating that through scaffold seems to be
depreciated, so what’s the good design approach to do it, considering
that those three areas (news, ads, articles) can share a lot

I’d also like to integrate sth like tinyMCE on the frontend, have a
header and a footer and that’s it really.

How do I go about it to follow the Rails conventions?

Scaffolds are great way to start things rolling, but in general, you
end up touching every file generated, that is why some people are not
so fond of them.

If i were you, id scaffold the articles, maybe news and ads can be
subclasses of article? maybe Single Table Inheritance (STI) can save
you some code writting.

also, use restful-authentication for your login (make sure you follow
instructions in readme)

create a layout, if youre feeliing really cheeky, try haml (i just
cant go back to rhtml now…)

and you should be done.

scaffolds are great tool, but they are not perfect out-of-the-box