Cucumber setup and teardown

Hi all,
I added a section to Cucumber’s wiki about converting StoryListeners
into Cucumber’s API. Since I’m still learning my self I’d appreciate it
if someone could look at what I wrote and make sure I didn’t miss

I was also wondering if Cucumber’s API has a way to do setup and
teardown on a feature level. I would like to be able to have feature
specific setup and teardown, and be able to to do scenario setup and
teardown just for certain features as well.

From what I can tell the only way you could accomplish this by using the
formatter/listener like is done in the story runner…
The justification for this feature is mostly from a resources
standpoint. I have certain features/stories that use other system
resources than the rest of my features… and they require there own
unique setup and tear down. However, currently I have to apply that
setup every where which slows that the suite. Am I missing something?