Cucumber + Selenium: Programmatically Starting a Test Server

Hi All,

I am trying to learn BDD using the Cucumber framework, and am
integrating Selenium for client side tests. I’ve been playing with
refactoring my cucumber installation a bit, and have pulled the code
to start the selenium server out into a profile-configuration file,
similar to env.rb:

start selenium

@@browser =“localhost”, 4444, “*chrome”,
http://localhost”, 15000)

teardown - stop selenium

at_exit do

I would like to do the same thing to start my rails application test
server that I can run browser tests against, but I’ve googled and
haven’t been able to find a clearcut suggestion. Does anyone know how
to start/stop a rails server in :test mode via ruby? Will I have to
resort to system() calls? Your help and time is appreciated!


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