Cucumber not inserting record in db

I am trying to learn Cucumber. I have followed the tutorial on

Everything is working fine but my problem is it is not inserting any
record in either development or test database.

Can anyone tell me IS it the behaviour of the Cucumber or Am I missing


Hi Tushar,

On 3 Mar 2011, at 04:39, Tushar G. wrote:


What’s probably confused you is that, assuming you’re using a Rails app,
Cucumber uses Rails’ built-in ‘transactional fixtures’ feature for
tests. This means that the test runs inside a transaction which is
rolled back at the end of the test, so if you look at the database from
outside that process - even during the test run - you won’t be able to
see the data.

Have a look at log/test.log and you should see some SQL statements

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