Cucumber, Flex and FunFX


I am currently trying to do a “proof of concept” for our Flex software
with Cucumber. I’ve pretty much got everything up and running now but
had a couple of questions.

  1. Is the best option to use FunFX? Has anyone tried using this in anger
    and did you have good results? Is Selenium another good option with its
    Flex plugin?

  2. In trying out FunFX I am using the test application here:”.
    However, I’m using v0.2.2 and am worried that this test application has
    been compiled against v0.0.4. I say this as I started out using
    FunFX0.0.4 and ran some successful tests against the application. Now I
    am using v0.2.2 which seems to have new syntax, it doesn’t work.

I’d be interested in any other comments about Cucumber and Flex testing
in general too!