Cucumber cannot find a static page located in public folder


I recently started with Cucumber. I’m having an issue with a static page
that I locate in the public folder.

When an user registers to the site I send an activation code via email.
That notification is show to the user by redirecting to a static page
located in the public folder.

If I start the server and register I get redirected properly to the
static page.

But when I run the same with cucumber it cannot find the static page. I
have added the location into the features/paths.rb but it just fails.

Is this a familiar problem for anyone?
Can I add the static page to the routes so cucumber can find it?


Ok, so apparently I was being too rude by just adding the static pages
to the public folder.

I followed Mr Bates advice and created a controller to also server
static content, now it is integrated into the app so cucumber can also
find it easily.