Cucumber Automation

Hi All,

Further to getting Cucumber installed with cuke4nuke, I am trying to run
it locally.


  1. I run cuke4nuke.server.exe from

  2. I execute a .dll I compiled:
    cuke4nuke NinjaSteps.dll -q

  3. The command prompt just return to cursor, without displaying any
    content of the test.
    The Cuke4NukeLog.txt shows the following info only:

2012-10-03 13:35:29,075 [1] INFO Cuke4Nuke.Server.NukeServer -
Listening on port 3901
2012-10-03 13:35:29,103 [1] INFO Cuke4Nuke.Server.NukeServer - Waiting
for client to connect.

What is the issue here? Why is the client not connecting and thus the
test not running? What can I do to solve this? Thanks.

Kind Regards,
Rahul Dixit