CS Student Looking For a Good Open Source Project to Contribute To

So I am about a year from graduating and I know I need some real world
experience under my belt to get into rails development when I’m done.
Anyone have any good open source projects needing help from a newcomer
rails. Im very comfortable with Ruby, jquery, html, HTTP, and
Databases but just can’t seem to find a project that sparks my interest
Github. I have gone through a few Rails books and feel its time to get
of my basement and into the world. Anyone working on anything that they
could use some help on? Ready set go!

Sent from my cell, please excuse any typos.

Take a look at http://www.redmine.org/, you could contribute to the core
for it’s numerous plugins. The best part is that you could find a
that actually uses redmine as it’s issue tracker and will appreciate
experience (it was the case for me).