CRUD model in a bootstrap modal with jquery, ajax - best practice


i have an model, which i want to show edit and update in a dialog via

What i do at the moment:

To open the Modal and render the partial, i send an ajax request to
controller#show with ujs

this is the link:

Fidel Markus Armstrong

this runs the script in new.js.erb which renders the show partial inside
the dialog and opens it.

To get the edit form, i do the same

Fidel Markus

this runs edit.js.erb

Now: To update my model, i send the form data as json to the

if there is an error in the form, i do render_to_string(form_partial)
inside the controller and respond with this inside of the json response.

Now i have the partial html inside of the json object. I do this, to get
the rails error messages and fields_with_errors.

Is there a better way to do it? all the mix between script and json
and the partial html inside the json doesn’t feel right.

This is the ajax for the form submit:

$(’#dialog’).on(‘submit’, ->

xhr, settings) ->

).unbind(‘ajax:success’).bind(‘ajax:success’,(evt, data, status, xhr)

#insert Data to selectbox it there comes a type attribute with the

if xhr.status == 201 # :created
url = data.url #this is en/people/:id

Load show dialog on success - runs show.js.erb

    url: url,
    type: 'get',
    dataType: 'script'

Render the dialog html including the error messages and fields

$(’#person-dialog’).html(data.error) #data.error is the partial
$(’.field_with_errors input’).first().trigger(‘focus’)


).unbind(‘ajax:complete’).bind(‘ajax:complete’,(evt, xhr, settings) ->
).unbind(‘ajax:error’).bind(‘ajax:error’, (evt, xhr, status, error) ->

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