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Thanks for allowing me to post to your community board. First, let me
just say that we are looking to hire someone who is interested in and
has been delving into RoR. However, we are not looking for an
“experienced RoR programmer.”

The following is the job description we posted at O’Reilly Connection
(; the only other “public” site where
this position is listed at this time.

Company: mun2 (NBC Universal Telemundo)
Total Work Experience Required: 5 Years
Salary/Wage: $50,000-$60,000 USD
Status: Employee
Job Tags: css, javascript, mysql, php

Job Description
mun2 is a new-ish cable channel for 12-34 year-old hispanics, latinos
and anyone who knows what this community has to offer.

mun2 digital is hiring a full-time, in-house web applications developer.

The ideal candidate is a mature and versatile programmer.

His/her primary initial responsibilities will be to develop the
architecture of the new mun2 web site using:

  1. PHP/MySQL for the back-end
  2. Javascript, CSS and XML (e.g., AJAX) for the front-end, user

Other technical requirements:

  • ready for CGI projects using PERL, existing libraries
  • able to work with object-oriented languages
  • an interest and some facility with Ruby on Rails **

**Let me clarify: We are looking for someone who could use the RoR
framework for future applications.

About our project:

This is a collaborative and a creative environment â?? the developer will
not be handed a site map. He/she will contribute to the architecture of
the overall project in conversation with a creative director, editor and

The developer will eventually be asked to develop new features that may
or may not live on the mun2 web site â?? e.g., from a desktop widget to a
â??bridgeâ? between a Flash movie and a mysql database.

Creativity and clarity are prerequisites.

mun2 is a â??start-upâ? within a major broadcasting company (NBC Universal
Telemundo) â?? with all the excitement and challenges implicit in this
unique context.

Our studio and offices are in Universal City, LA, CA.

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I’m more than happy to take questions in this space. I am also lucky
user # 1993,, and can be
emailed via the address on that page.

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