[Cross Post] Volunteers and Teachers <3 October 22-23 Rails Outreach for Women

[Forgive the Crosspost - this is a community mailout ]

What: October 22-23 Rails Outreach for Women


Wanted : Rails, BDD/TDD, Cucumber, Ruby Teachers / Volunteer


Do you want to share your experience?
Have you ever thought " Gee - I’m freaking awesome at X" ?

Is X ruby or rails?

We want you to come try your chops at volunteering and teaching!

Maybe your bored with knowing everything about ruby and your
cup is full? Come! Come! Come get humbled by newbies that are
interested in learning - find out how rewarding and challenging it
is to explain what a variable is - or what a class is - or what a
method is.

Or maybe you would prefer to work with PHP/Java/Basic/Etc
programmers who are curious about what rails is and why
people love ruby.

You have a choice - Come and learn and teach with us - We want you

Jest a little reminder!

Rails Bridge San Francisco

make haste slowly
festina lente \

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