Cross-compiling Ruby 1.9.2

I am attempting to cross-compile Ruby 1.9.2 for ARM using Scratchbox (am
new to cross-compiling). However, ./configure throws an error saying
“checking whether setpgrp takes no argument… configure: error: cannot
check setpgrp when cross compiling”.

If it won’t lead to much issues, can I disable the check?

All help appreciated. I would very much love to have Ruby 1.9 running on
my N900. :slight_smile:

P.S: I am using the Maemo 5 SDK to build ruby-1.9.2-p180.tar.gz in
scratchbox, and I am using the following command to run configure:
./configure --host=i486

This might not help you directly, but you could have a look at how
OpenWrt deals with it. They cross-compile ruby for at least MIPS and
probably other CPUs.

This may involve getting to grips with their entire build system though

You could download OpenWrt, tell it to build for a similar platform in
debug mode (-v 99 or something like that), and watch what actual
commands it runs.

I would probably try building it by hand only as a last resort. I have
posted on the maemo list hoping someone can help me figure out the
cross-compiling bit. I was just wondering if someone here has tried it