Creating rails 2.3.5 sites after rails 3 install

So I installed rails 3 but want to still work with 2.3.5.

I removed the rails3pre gem but it’s still the current version of

And if I try to do

rails 2.3.5 MyNewSite

I get

RubyGem version error: railties(3.0.pre not = 2.3.5)


On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 7:17 PM, ignu [email protected] wrote:

RubyGem version error: railties(3.0.pre not = 2.3.5)


How did you remove it?


just a gem uninstall.

so the problem is railties doesn’t exist before rails 3, so
usr/bin/rails is
broke for old projects

it used to be this:

version = “>= 0”

if ARGV.first =~ /^(.*)$/ and Gem::Version.correct? $1 then
version = $1

gem ‘railties’, version
load Gem.bin_path(‘railties’, ‘rails’, version)

i had to change the end to this:

gemname = ‘railties’
gemname = ‘rails’ if version.split(".").first.to_i == 2

gem gemname, version
load Gem.bin_path(gemname, ‘rails’, version)

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