Creating hash table, how do i? please help

hi, i have a noob question. how do i create a table but add additional
fields? for example…

i have a total_table of total, county, and town where total_table
inherites county_id and town_id from my town_county table where
county_id has_many towns. in my view, id like to go through the hash
like this

table total_table

for total_table.county
print total_table.county
print total_table.

basically i have doctor types and id like to print out the total number
of doctor types that are located in each county and town.

thanks for any help.

basically, i think id just like to add a total field for the cpunty and
one for the town in the hash of county and town.

like i know that when i create my model of the “county has many town”
table, how can I add 2 extra fields so each county has a total and each
town within each county has also a total?