Creating dynamic page with Ruby on Rails through Radiant CMS

Hi to all…

Am newbie to RoR, i have in different situation, that i need to
create a dynamic page of every user that registers an a/c with my
site… want to use Rails with radiant CMS…Need to create a page for
each user and i have to save it in admin page like blogs…
Plz ask me if any required information needed…
Hope somebody will response asap…


Hi Sridhar,

Radiant extensions are your friend when you want to mix Radiant with
custom Rails stuff. However, as a RoR newbide, it might be a bit
ambitious to start out with that. You should probably try to built
either your RoR site gain some generals Rails experience, or base your
site entirely on Radiant CMS and existing extensions.

Read more on extensions here:

Best regards,
Casper F.