Creating desktop application in visual ruby


I am creating an application using visualruby. I want to make it as .exe
i.e i want to use it as a desktop application so that i can use it
independently. I am using windows.

Could anyone please guide me in this.

Thanks in advance.

There are many options. Personally I use a combination of TCL/Tk and the
OCRA gem in combination with Inno.

Thanks alot Joel for replying. Could you please suggest me any tutorials
or documentation to achieve it.

Thank you joel, thanks for spending your time. It will be very useful
for me.

Well, you’ll want to try out a few different tools and work out the best
one for you, but here’s something to get your started:

GUI: TkDocs Tutorial

EXE Builder: GitHub - larsch/ocra: One-Click Ruby Application Builder

Shiny-looking windows installer: Inno Setup

I should note that when combining OCRA with Tk, you need to do something
a bit special with the build instruction. The trick is to add all the Tk
directory explicitly. The command looks something like this:

ocra “My Script.rbw” C:\Ruby193\lib\tcltk\ –no-autoload --add-all-core