Creating .dat file from .mp3 or.wav file!


Hello all !

I have been experimenting with transmission of audio file in FM range
but i could not generate a valid “.dat” file. I would like to know how i
could convert an image,video or specially an audio file into a valid
“.dat” file format for transmission. Moreover I would like to know what
is the format of .dat file used here because so many applications use
the file extension “.dat” to
indicate a file that contains data. Also at some places it is written
that a .raw format is used for audio transmission???




Somewhere on a website I found a way to transmit mp3 files using the
USRP. Just can’t remember where. What you do is the following:

Use sox to decode the mp3 to a raw file:

sox myfile.mp3 -r 44100 -l -f -c 1 myfile.raw

You can then just open this file in a Gnuradio script and proceed from
there. It works. I’m only doing mono at the moment, but I’m sure sox
can do stereo. I think Gnuradio has a filetype to import wav files if
you need that.