Creating custom environment specific settings in development.rb available. How do I access them?

Hi all,
I’m just learning RoR, so if this is obvious, I apologize. I’m
coming from a J2EE development background, and I can’t seem to find
the answer I need from Google. I’m using the “acts_as_authenticated”
plugin to create a simple user registration system for my site.
Everything works fine, but now I want to customize the confirmation
URL, and the “from” email address on my confirmation email. I’d like
to provide environment specific settings in my environment files. I’d
like to add something like the following into development.rb, then
into my other environments so configuration and deployment is a

config.user_notifier.from="[email protected]"

I would then like to access it in the class UserNotifier, which
extends ActionMailer::Base. I can’t find any examples on this
anywhere, so any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance for helping a noob.


A simple way is to use constants:

EMAIL_FROM = ‘[email protected]

You can access them from anywhere if they’re defined in an environment
config file.