Creating a rails project

Hi, I’m just starting with Rails today…

type this in the command prompt: rails C:\Documents and

Then it displays… create x, create y, etc…

But when I check the desktop, I see no folder.


Hi Justin,

what version of rails does rails -v report ?
If you get an error, then you may have a pathing issue!

Also you probably want to create your Rails projects in a different
location - the desktop is not the best place!

I have ruby in c:\ruby and then I have railsapps within that. Then
when i create a new project I move to the railsapps folder then all I
have to type is rails projectname

HTH - Dave P.

Did you see the full path it shows on each of the task progress
messages (on the files created etc), I guess it would say something to
the effect of “create drive:\folder\inner_folder\project_folder”, I am
not familiar with rails on windows, on Linux it shows the full path in
the progress messages.


Justin To wrote:

type this in the command prompt: rails C:\Documents and

Don’t tempt fate. Most command-line scripts (such as Rails’s generators)
not merge the spaces in that filename.

Always cd to the target folder, then do rails file, to build the

And good luck keeping a project on your desktop. You will need to use a
line interface much more often than the Explorer to do Rails, so try a
folder, such as c:\myName


The only problem I see is with path. Instead of typing the whole path
to your desktop, please change directory to the folder in which you
wish to create the rails app.
And then issue command: rails This will be more easier to
work with.
Also, please check if your path variable have entry for ruby
interpreter. If yes, then ignore it; If not, please add full path to
ruby interpreter.

Thanks for the help, I figured it out. It was the path.