Creating a new instance of CGI::Session always creates a new session

It is my understanding that, by default, when a new instance of
CGI::Session is created any existing session is continued and no new
session is created. A new session is created only if there is no
currently existing session.

I do not add a new_session key to my options hash when I create my
instance of CGI::Session. Therefore, I should come under the default
behavior in this regard. None-the-less, a new session seems to always
be created whenever I create a new instance of CGI::Session (i.e., even
if there is a current session). This is evidenced by the creation of a
new session file pair in /tmp (by file pair I mean the actual file and
its associated lock file).

Can someone please tell me why this is happening? I’m tearing what’s
left of my hair out. Thanks for any input.

 ... doug