Creating a model that has other models as elements

Say I have the following three tables:


id (PK)


id (PK)


id (PK)

I’ve made a model for each of them: Dog, Cat and Recipie.

Now I want to create a model, Cookoff, that will contain arrays of
Dog, Cat and Recipie objects. There is no associated database table
for Cookoff because it’s merely a container for a specific request,
not an actual data item.

My users will submit a form with the following data:

dog_id: 10
cat_id: 12

A Cookoff instance will be created, with the following parameters:

  • a Dog model object with data from the dogs table where id=dog_id
  • a Cat model object with data from the cats table where id=cat_id
  • a Recipe model object with data from the recipies table where the
    recipie_text contains or

The Cookoff instance would then be available for such things as:

What would model/cookoff.rb look like?

I’m still getting started in both Ruby and Rails, so I hope I have
been clear in my question.

Thank you again for the help!