Creating a gem which installs files outside /usr/lib/ruby


I want to create a gem for an application written using the ruby KDE
It’s the first time I create a gem, but I think I more or less
understand what
I should do. The only issue I’m having is that, KDE expects to find some
(in particular, the program icon and the program .desktop file) in some
specific directory (namely, in one of the directories listed in the
environment variables, which usually means something like /usr/,
and /usr/kde). Is there a way to tell rubygems to install something
the /usr/lib/ruby directory tree? According to the documentation at, rubygems can be told to install binaries in
/usr/bin, but there’s nothing about doing the same for other kind of
files (at
least, I couldn’t find it), so I guess the answer is no.

By the way, the documentation at seems quite
(at least, the Gemspec reference page says it’s last been generated in
Does anybody know whether more recent documentation can be found?

Thanks in advance