Creating a Desktop application with Ruby, datagrid needed

hey guys,

Im trying to build a desktop app that can run on Win, Mac and Linux. I
would like to use some grids to present data as I did on ExtJS. Im new
Ruby, could you point where to look for some examples to start to code?

Thanks in advance

Are you using persistent data from a database, or just in volatile
What kind of display are you using? A GUI, console window, etc?

In Ruby the usual way to represent a grid is with a 2D Array or a

Hi Jesus,

JRuby + Eclipse SWT/JFace/RCP has worked well for us.


for GUI you might want to check Shoes:
Shoes4 is still in development:
I also like green shoes:


Thanks Joel,

It would be data obtained from webservices, so REST calls. I would like
use a grph interface (any) that can be execute in Windoze, mac and

Could you point to some manual or howto?