Creating a automated script

I wanted to create a small automated script using Ruby. I just need to
know what classes do I use to create this script.
When running my script I would like for itto do the following

  1. Automatically Log user onto another machine via RDP

  2. While logged in the session I want the script to automatically create
    an iteration of files and folders, rename, change attribute of

  3. Log off then log back on another user via RDP again, repeating step

I would just like to know what classes do I use to create this script? I
know the File class could be one.


You may be interested in this book:

RDP is a proprietary Microsoft protocol used for Terminal Services
(i.e. remote GUI). I don’t know much about it, but I’m pretty sure
this does not allow you to automate the execution of scripts on remote
machines. You may want to look into Net::SSH.

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