Created tickets 44 and 45 for last two problems

I got trunk ragel to compile and was able to find some errors in my

I’ve created two tickets for the two problems with code blocks and
attached a patch with the updated two tests to Ticket-45.

FYI: Ragel compilation steps on MacOS 10.5.2 with MacPorts installed:

get v6.0 of ragel installed – needed to build trunk ragel

sudo port install ragel

also install prerequisite gperf

sudo port install gperf

download and install prerequisite kelbt

tar xvzf kelbt-0.12.tar.gz
cd kelbt-0.12
sudo make install
cd …

Checkout trunk ragel and install in a directory

in my home folder – NOT in /usr/local.

The reason is to not interfere with the ports system.

When GCC compiles code it doesn’t appear possible

to tell it not to look in /usr/local/lib for libraries.

So in general I’ve taken to putting code I compile

from source that either:

1) creates libraries

2) creates binarys that are also made by ports

in ~/dev/local

svn co svn:// ragel
cd ragel
./configure --prefix ~/dev/local
make install

add ~/dev/local/bin to PATH before /opt/local/bin