Created_at Exists In DB But AR Object created_at is nil?

** This is a repost. After playing with this for a much longer amount of
time I am still baffled and I didn’t get any replies. Any help is VERY
appreciated. **

This one seems very strange to me.

I have a AR object that has the created_at/updated_at columns. They
fine and they are in the DB row:

LOG: statement: select id, created_at from locations where id = 7632;
id | created_at
7632 | 2006-05-22 21:12:20

Problem is, when I find the object in Rails, the created_at column is

location = Location.find(7632)
logger.debug “Location: #{ location .to_xml}”

Prints out:

7632 ... Snip other stuff ...

And doing location.created.blank? returns true. It’s nil.

Huh? It’s in the database and I am finding the row but AR is returning
for the column. It’s not making a lot of sense to me and I’ve never seen
this issue before.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m running on 1.1.6 / Ruby 1.8.4 on MacOS X
against PostgreSQL 8.1.