Create and read XML


I am trying to create and read an xml. But I am not able to store them
on a map.

I think so:
xml = Builder:: => ‘./inf.xml’, :indent => 1) (1)

But I do not know how to save it in the path q I want. Neither as open
and read it.

Thank you

I’m guessing you probably have this solved by now, but just in case…

 xml = Builder:: => './inf.xml', :indent => 1)

Here you are setting the target of a Build::XmlMarkup object to the
string ‘./inf.xml’ I’m guessing that’s not what you really want.
Although, I would guess that Ruby isn’t complaining about that since
your target is an object that responds to the << method.

Try something like this:

f =“./inf.xml”, “w”)
xml = => f, :indent => 1)

On Nov 4, 5:27 pm, Ramón Castro [email protected]