Create AM Radio with Companion

Hi All,

i am trying to create an AM Radio with Gnu-Radio-Companion,
therefore i need some help.

Maybe someone still worked out some AM Radio with
Gnu-Radio-Companion, then please send me your
Companion File.
If so, it would be nice if this Person do some Notes.

Further on i have some Questions to the Modules in
the Companion.
To Modul:
What means and ?
What means ?

To Modul:
Which Frequency shall i use for AM Radio? 6090 Hz ?

My current AM-Radio looks so:
‘USRP Source’ --> ‘AM Demod’ --> ‘Audio Sink’

Could this Schematic work or do i an error
in reasoning ?

I also want an graphically Output which shows me
the Frequency Spectrum with some Sliders to
select the desired Radio Station. Which
Graphically Sink would you suggest me ?

Regards Markus