Create a class in a class with eval

I need to eval code that will create globally available classes. I tried
this :

class Test
def makeA
Module.send(:eval, “class A; end”)
# same with: eval “class A; end”
puts Test.const_get(‘A’) # => Test::A
puts Module.const_get(‘A’) # => raise NameError, why ?

eval “class B; end”
puts Module.const_get(‘B’) # => B #=> bang

Thanks for your help.


Hi –

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Gaspard B. wrote:

eval “class B; end”
puts Module.const_get(‘B’) # => B #=> bang

You could do:

Module.module_eval “class A; end”

or (preferable, in my opinion):



Thanks for the answer. Works great.

I just changed Module to Object since:
Object.const_set(“A”, ==> A
Module.const_set(“A”, ==> Module::A

2007/9/25, David A. Black [email protected]:

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