CRC error

Hi, I try to run USRP2 with my own binary file, and some lights would
mean crc error. When I turn on the USRP2, the F light is on and would
mean PROGRAM_DONE, but the led D202 on the board is also high but not
suppose to. This light means the INIT_B pin of the FPGA is low, and the
datasheet of the FPGA told this pin is low when it have a crc error:
Figure27, page 50 of the Spartan-3 datasheet.

I tried to disable the crc in the properties of “create programming
file”, but nothing change.

I really have to create a working binary file. Somebodies told me to
call “make” in a terminal, but I use a windows version of ISE. I
included all file in all makefile.srcs and I set all the properties
listed in the makefile. Many engineer in the ETS told me that is the
same thing.

Can someone try the same thing than me, or just tell me where I can
modify the crc step?


PS: I used ISE 10.1 and the project in