CPU spike when I quit rails

Hi -

I’m new to rails, not so new to Ruby (though by no means any sort of
wizard; just use it for real projects at school.) I’ve coded up a
pretty simple rails app to run an experiment. Very standard, nothing

Everything is fine - the app runs fine, performance is fine (although
I am not stressing the system at all with the app) - until it’s time
to quit. I do this on the command line, in the terminal where I’ve
executed “ruby script/server”. I type control-c to interrupt the
process. And here’s where it gets weird - I get:

^C** INT signal received.

And then it hangs. My CPU load goes to 100%, and it stays pegged
until I kill the process via kill -9 in another terminal window.

I realize this is a hard question to answer without seeing my code,
but maybe someone has a pointer for how I myself could go about
answering it? How I could find out what ruby/rails is doing after I
press control-c to peg the CPU? Maybe I could run it via JRuby and
Netbeans, or something?

Ideas or pointers are much appreciated.