CPU loads and reqs?


I’m curious what CPU and speeds are recommended for some of the USRP
and WxPython apps…

When I run the usrp_wfm_rcv.py application, I get choppy audio,
freezes in the Wx display, and overrun/underruns (OuOuOuOu) characters
on the CLI. When running Top, I see that “python” and its children
are running about 60% and Xorg is running about 30%. Running the
no-gui version of this results in clean audio.

The system I’m using is a no-frills Fry’s $200 system with extra
memory, running an AMD Sempron 2200+ (whatever marketing-math that

Clearly this is CPU-limited, what “better” processor would be the best
upgrade? Intel? AMD? I’m not sure who has the best FPUs these