Cpm.py buggy?

Hi list,

it seems there’s a bug in blks2impl/cpm.py.
Creating an instance yields:

c = blks2.cpm_mod (samples_per_symbol=4, cpm_type=1, bt=.3)


TypeError: unbound method init() must be called with hier_block2
instance as first argument (got str instance instead)

And well, it seems Python’s right, here’s the part of the file:

100 gr.hier_block2.init(“cpm_mod”,
101 gr.io_signature(1, 1,
gr.sizeof_char), # Input signature
102 gr.io_signature(1, 1,
gr.sizeof_gr_complex)) # Output signature

I’m tempted to add a ‘self’ to the init and submit a patch, but this
file has been part of the repo for three years without any changes, so
I’m not sure if the error is on my end…?


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