Couple of thoughts for jruby extensions

Hello all.
Just had a couple of random through for jruby…

  1. might be interesting to have/add something like

[1,2,3].map_threaded{|n| n * 3} # some way to have easy access to
fork/join, maybe, too?

  1. “optional parameter types should you need them for speed” (I guess
    that sounds like inline mirah, but you know what I mean).

is maybe related :slight_smile:

Roger P. wrote in post #983471:
is maybe related :slight_smile:

See also (bounty $400
for same).

Actually I almost wonder if jruby couldn’t have a compiler flag
“–attempt-to-pre-compile-to-java” (converts it to mirah or to straight
java, if it can).

If it did, imagine how jruby would do on the alioth benchmarks! whoa!


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