Counter for complex forms

Hi, I’m developing a daily report module for a school work that
utilizes complex forms, however I’ve run into some problems. On each
rendered partial, I have two collection_select; the first (project)
updates the contents of the second (task) depending on the selected
project. I need a counter to connect to the task div id so that each
project collection_select know which task collection_select to update.
Here is a part of the code in the partial:

= day_entry_detail_form.collection_select(:project_id,
@projects, :id, :proj_code_and_name, {:include_blank => “#
{I18n.t :select_one}”}, :onChange => "showTaskSelection($(this),
<counter_goes_here>’), ‘1’")
%th{:scope => “row”, :class => “column1”}
= I18n.t :task
%span{:style => ‘color:#FF0000’}*
%div{:id => “task_form_<counter_goes_here>”}
- for project in @projects
%div{:id => “project_#{}task”, :style =>
= day_entry_detail_form.collection_select(:task_id,
project.project_task, :id, :task_code_and_name, {:include_blank => “#
{I18n.t :select_one}”})

and this code snippet renders the partial:

= render :partial => ‘day_entry_detail’, :collection =>
@day_entry.day_entry_details, :locals => {:from_collection => true}
= link_to_function “#{I18n.t :add_entry}” do |page|
- page.insert_html :bottom, :day_entry_details, :partial =>
‘day_entry_detail’, :object =>, :locals=>

I need to have a counter that increments every time the
link_to_function is used, and then use this counter as part of a div
name. I tried using a hidden field and then just calls a javascipt
function to increment it, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to access
that for use with the div id…I’ve just started developing in rails
and not yet familiar with everything. Any ideas or a push in the right
direction would be a great help :slight_smile: