Is there a count_by_content alternative to the find_by_content action?

This is because I’m wanting to do the following in my pagination method:

def list
# step 1: set the variables you’ll need
page = (params[:page] ||= 1).to_i
items_per_page = 20
offset = (page - 1) * items_per_page

# step 2: instead of performing a find, just get a count
item_count = Item.count_with_some_custom_method()

# step 3: create a Paginator, the second argument has to be the

number of ALL items on all pages
@item_pages =, item_count, items_per_page, page)

# step 4: only find the requested subset of @items
@items = Item.find_with_some_custom_method(items_per_page, offset)


On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 06:19:42PM +0200, Richard wrote:

Is there a count_by_content alternative to the find_by_content action?

there is a method total_hits you can call, but this is not really
necessary. just use find_by_contents with the :limit and :offset
options and call total_hits on the result returned to find out the total
number of results.


item_count = Item.count_with_some_custom_method()

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