Couldn't display even 404 or 403 Error page when Nginx Updated to 1.8.0

Hello, there.

I’m Koichi Fujita.

Last day, when I came to the office, my web brouser and iPhone returned
a massage “Couldn’t connect the web server, temporary unavailable the
server or blah blah blah…”, which it means that brousers can’t display
from inside and outside network, and our Web site didn’t display
anything even 404 or 403 Error massages, too.

I hit the ping command, and it completely returned.
At the later, I restarted the OS which is CentOS linux x86_64
architecture and Nginx software twice,
but nothing had changed.

I logged in the system with tarminal, then I could.
Later, I viewed the log, I found the fact that the Nginx had been
updated by crontab command.
I think it is a cause of the malfunction, though…

Please tell me how to set the parameter to display our site from inside
and outside.
Or should you have any an aware point, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.



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any log messages?

2015-04-23 10:56 GMT+08:00 藤田 浩一 [email protected]: