Could you give me some Website for Learning Ruby

I’m learning Ruby and I search some Website for learning Ruby
but I want have some Website same as Tutorial with more information
about variable,class,extend… (very detail).
Who can help me this problem? Thanks…

i like this one: Ruby Tutorial


You could try both Learn Ruby the Hard
and Ruby by Code Academy

For more knowledge, I suggest reading Structure and Interpretation of
Computer Programs
The book uses LISP, but you can take the principles and create your own
Ruby examples while working through the book – a way that I use to

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I would suggest leaving SaICP off until you k ow o e language well. That
being said, it’s still an amazing book. Learn and do it in LISP and
will be a major effect on your programming.

Ruby monk seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. Ruby Koans and
Katas for intermediate to advanced. Railscasts is essential for Rails.


Why do you suggest that the OP not read it when MIT uses it to teach
level students?

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You could also try my video lectures of my college course on ruby:

Dave Jones - YouTube


The OP does not strike me as being able to handle MIT level loads out of
the gate, considering the failure to Google among other things.

I second SICP. Mainly because Matz designed it against scheme:

“So, Ruby was a Lisp originally, in theory.
Let’s call it MatzLisp from now on. ;-)”

If the op is interested in languages that are related to ruby for
grokking ruby I would also suggest reading

The UNIX Programming Environment - Kernighan/Pike
Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation - The “Blue book”
The C Programming Language aka K&R - Kernighan/Ritchie

If you looking to read a book with ruby as the main subject
Meta-Programming Ruby still explains the object model better than most
books on the market.

If your looking for less theoretical computer science and engineering
stuff take a look at:

That seems to have a hodgepodge of information which may be useful for
web project centered pedagogy while learning the language.

Good luck with your learning and hacking!


Stu wrote in post #1109253:

grokking ruby

Man from Mars quote! respect :smiley:

I forgot to add Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s

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