Correct use of =~ to match a string in a file?

Hiya All,

Back again with more noobie questions ;}

I’ve been playing with some basics of opening and writing to files. But
have come up stuck trying to search inside a given file.

I have small method for matching a search string entered by a user,
against one of three in a .txt file. The method is available here:

I know I’m missing something fundamental but I can’t pin it down. An
error is produced that says “Type mismatch: string given” for the =~

However, I used this in a simpler version as below and it works:

first_string = “banana”
second_string = “I like a banana with my breakfast”

puts “\nWe have banana!!” if second_string =~

I’ve tried all sorts and can’t get the method linked above to work.

If anyone has a few moments could you look over this for me?

Out of interest, other examples I’ve worked on are at:

Thanks as always,


@Dave E.

Your code runs fine on my machine,

Well what the heck… it works fine for me too o_O

I have an old version on my system and can’t now find the one I pasted.
Obviously need to learn a bit of version controlling along with my Ruby

Apologies, appreciate you looking at this though!


hey Dave,

your code at also works fine for me…
what are you entering as the search term at the command line? maybe
that’s the problem?

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