Correct MVC pattern for Model sending an IM message


I have an application that has a model that wants to send an IM
message on its state change. In that IM message I want to format some
HTML, include a link, etc. However, none of the rails view helpers
that I’d like to use (i.e. link_to and url_for) are available to the
model. Looking around on the web there are various ways to get those
to work in the model, or to give the model the ability to render files/
strings and put the stuff there. But, the caveat on all of those is
that they all break the MVC conventions, likely indicating an issue
with the design/architecture.

So, my question is what would be the correct MVC pattern to accomplish
this? Its the state change of the model that triggers the need to
send the IM message, to get the message string is a ~render~, but how
does the model accomplish this in the correct way?