Copy-on-Write not working after fork when running GC in latest Ruby version

Hello everyone,

I have a huge problem with memory in Ruby 2.2.1. Namely, after forking a
process, it seems that the copy-on-write functionality is not working at
all and I end up with double the memory I started with. The problem is
described in details under this link :
Backport #10559: Unexpected copy on write when running GC in 2.1.3 - Backport21 - Ruby Issue Tracking System. Attached on the
website is a program that demonstrates the issue.
Since I need to work with huge pieces of data, this memory leakage is a
killer issue :-/
Everything has been tested with latest version of Ruby on a clean
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machine.

Small update. I have played with the GC and have run several tests. I
manage to solve the problem by disabling the GC with GC.disable, but
my memory gets filled with garbages. I have also disabled hugepages on
linux and no effects. Finally I’ve played with some of the parameters of
the GC like the heap size, and reducing its activity to 0 (GC.count) but
changes. Every test have been performed on the same machine with the

Ruby -v 2.2.1